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Why Should Pregnant Women Eat Bird’s Nest?

Edible bird’s nest is one of the few natural health and nutrition products that is both interesting and useful. This unique treat has been highly regarded in Asian countries for hundreds of years because of how good it is for your health and how well it tastes.

Pregnant women stand to gain a lot from its nutritional value, as do many other people. Edible bird’s nest has a wide range of nutrients and bioactive substances. This makes it a great way to improve the health of pregnant women and help their babies grow up as well as possible.

In this article, we look into the deep reasons why this ancient practice still has value today. We also take a closer look at how edible bird’s nests can be a healthy friend during the changing journey of pregnancy.

The First Trimester

Did you know that the first meal that humans consume is actually the amniotic fluid in their mother’s womb?

The foetus takes in the nutrients it needs, like glucose, fatty acids, and amino acids, but it is also exposed to the bacteria in the placenta. If the baby doesn’t get enough food or is exposed to bacteria from the mother, it might affect how the neural circuits that handle neural signals grow and form. When this happens, the child may have problems like being overweight, having autism, or having irritable bowel disease as an adult.

The benefits of eating edible bird’s nests are especially clear during the first trimester of pregnancy, when the foetus is growing quickly and developing its important systems. 

Bird’s nest is high in protein, which helps build important cells and organs and supports the complex process of foetal development. As a pregnant woman’s body needs more nutrients, edible bird’s nests are a concentrated source of amino acids, minerals, and vitamins that can help build a healthy nutritional base.

Notably, the high amount of collagen in edible bird’s nests can help keep the skin flexible and give it the flexibility it needs to stretch with the growing belly, which could help prevent stretch marks.

Also, the presence of bioactive compounds in the nest may boost the immune system, protecting both the mother and the growing baby from diseases that could make them sick. 

By using the nutritional power of edible bird’s nests, pregnant women can face the challenges of the trimester phase with more energy, endurance, and confidence in their health.

Presence of Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)

Apart from nutrients listed above, bird’s nests also contain a type of protein called the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF).

EGF is a protein molecule that helps cells grow, divide, and change into different types of cells. It is a signalling protein that works as a driver of growth. This means that it encourages cells to grow and divide, especially in the epidermis (the top layer of skin) and other organs.

Essentially, bird’s nests can make the skin grow, get cells to break up hormones, and help the body make new cells. They can also improve tissue growth and cell-based immunity function, which gives people more energy and helps them get better after getting sick.

Boosts intelligence

One of the most interesting things is that consuming bird’s nests may help the growing baby become smarter.

This tasty treat is full of nutrients that play a key role in brain development, so it can help the growing mind in the womb. The proteins in edible bird’s nests are the building blocks for neural cells, and the high number of amino acids in it helps neurotransmitters work, which is important for brain communication.

What makes it different is the presence of EGF, which is known to affect how the brain grows and connects to other parts of the body. By following this old custom, pregnant women may help build their child’s brain power.

If eaten after giving birth, edible bird’s nests may even improve the quality of breast milk, which helps a baby grow physically and mentally.

The possible link between edible bird’s nest and cognitive improvement opens up an interesting path for parents who want to give their child the best start on their intellectual journey.

Strengthens Immunity

Edible bird’s nests can also boost the immune system of the mother. This natural treasure is full of bioactive compounds and important nutrients that help strengthen the immune system during this time of change.

The glycoproteins and antioxidants in edible bird’s nests work together to boost the body’s defences. This protects both the mother and the growing baby from possible dangers. Since pregnancy can sometimes cause changes to the immune system, eating this tasty food may help protect against infections and illnesses.

This old practice is still important today because it helps not only the physical health of pregnant women but also their immune systems. But because everyone’s needs are different, it’s still a good idea to talk to a doctor before taking edible bird’s nests during pregnancy to boost your immune system.

Anti-Aging and Improves Skin Conditions

Want to maintain your complexion during your pregnancy? Edible bird’s nests have more to offer than just food and nutrients!

It reveals the secret to glowing skin and slows down the passing of time. This natural wonder is great for pregnant women who want to enjoy their pregnancy journey while keeping their youthful glow.

Edible bird’s nest is full of collagen, amino acids, and other important nutrients. This makes it a powerful elixir that helps skin stay flexible and stretchy, reducing the look of fine lines and giving the skin a healthy glow.

This also means that stretch marks will be less obvious on new moms. Because of the presence of collagen, bird’s nests can help keep the skin’s flexibility. Plus, it helps the uterus heal after giving birth.

Its high level of antioxidants helps fight oxidative stress, which is a common cause of rapid ageing, and promotes a natural glow that comes from within. Since pregnancy changes the texture and tone of the skin, adding bird’s nests to the diet creates a beautiful blend of health and beauty.

Bonback’s Bird’s Nests

In a time when overall health is more important than ever, deciding to add edible bird’s nests to your daily routine is a sign of great wisdom. This natural miracle has a lot of healthy ingredients, collagen-infused goodness, and a remarkable ability to make your immune system stronger. It is a complex web of vitality that goes beyond standard norms.

At Bonback, we care most about your health and well-being. This is why we give you choices when it comes to bird’s nests. You can enjoy our convenient pre-prepared bird’s nest bottles, or you can buy dried bird’s nests to experiment with in the kitchen and prepare it based on your preferences.

By embracing the mix of tradition and science that makes up edible bird’s nests, you’re not just adding a supplement to your life. You’re also gaining a constant companion on your journey to glowing skin, a strong immune system, and a general sense of well-being.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can drink from the cup of nature’s most beautiful and delicious things? Edible bird’s nest can make you shine brighter, strengthen your defences, and set you on a road that is illuminated by its wonders. This is especially true for our dear mothers-to-be, as they chart this transformative phase of life.