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About Us

Beyond our commercial objectives, we are committed to positively impacting society.

We envision leveraging our success to promote sustainable development, advocate social responsibility, and uplift the communities that cultivate and rely on bird’s nest harvesting. Together, we can improve the future for future generations.

We embody a culture of passion, innovation, and unwavering commitment in every endeavour. We believe that by combining tradition and innovation, we will be able to unleash the full potential of the cave bird’s nest and bring its remarkable benefits to the forefront of global consciousness.

Join us on this extraordinary voyage as we soar to new heights, weaving dreams of happiness and transformation into each exquisite thread of the Cave Bird’s Nest. Together, we will create a world in which the power of nature’s gift is celebrated and cherished, nurturing global harmony and vitality.


“At Bonback, our mission is to capture the timeless majesty and nourishing essence of the cave bird’s nest, nature’s finest treasure. We aspire to become the world’s leading supplier of exceptional and sustainable cave bird’s nest products, delivering unmatched quality and benefits to individuals and communities around the globe.

Our vision derives from our profound respect for nature and the awe-inspiring marvels it provides. We envisage a world in which every person can experience the transformative power of cave bird’s nest, thereby promoting wellness, vitality, and harmony within themselves and their surroundings.”


To share the extraordinary benefits of cave bird’s nest with the world, while procuring responsibly and providing unmatched quality.

To promote health, vitality, and attractiveness by combining tradition and innovation in our cave bird’s nest products.

To establish long-lasting relationships with consumers, employees, and communities by adhering to ethical principles and ecological preservation.

To motivate and enable individuals to adopt a healthier lifestyle while contributing to the health of the planet.


Mr. Kachain Phutinard, a visionary entrepreneur, founded Bonback Co., Ltd. in 1981. Recognized as the pioneer who introduced black bone chicken from China to Thailand and founded the country’s first black bone chicken farm, Mr. Phutinard’s unwavering passion and unrelenting pursuit of excellence drove him to create the “original essence of black bone chicken”.

Mr. Phutinard established a state-of-the-art factory, utilizing the black bone chicken from his renowned farm as the primary raw material, in accordance with his vision. With over four decades of experience and expertise, Bonback has become one of Thailand’s foremost manufacturers of health foods.

Today, we are incredibly proud to offer a wide variety of exceptional products, from the renowned Essence of Black-boned Chicken to Premium Cave Bird’s Nest (Dry and Beverages). Our commitment to delivering superior quality extends well beyond Thailand, as we export and operate wholesale throughout Asia’s most significant markets.

Our Quality

Our products are hygienically sealed in bottles with airtight caps to assure the highest quality and freshness. In the esteemed laboratories of Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health, each product is subjected to rigorous testing and analysis.

All relevant Thai Ministries have subjected our products to stringent inspections, evaluations, and licensing. We are pleased to have obtained such prestigious certifications as HACCP, GMP, HALAL, THAILAND TRUST MARK, ISO, LAB TEST, and FDA NUMBER.

To uphold our commitment to quality control, the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Public Health and other relevant Ministries conduct routine investigations, evaluations, and market surveys. Any products discovered to be deceptive, over-promising, or fail to meet our stringent quality standards are removed from the market immediately, and their manufacturing licenses are terminated.

Compliance with good manufacturing practices is a top priority at Bonback, ensuring that our products consistently satisfy the highest quality standards. Consumers can depend on Bonback’s products’ exceptional quality and standards.


As we expand our presence, we are thrilled to establish Bonback Pte. Ltd., our new office in Singapore, bringing our exceptional health food products to new markets and embracing the opportunity to serve and cater to the discerning needs of health-conscious Singaporeans.

We are committed to providing products that enhance well-being, promote vitality, and improve standard of living.

With Bonback, you not only select the finest health food products, but also embrace a legacy of excellence, honesty, and reliability.

Join us as we continue to revolutionize the health food industry and inspire individuals to adopt a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle!